Welcome to the 2019 SSON European Shared Services and Outsourcing Week!

I am honoured and excited to be your Chair for the event – now in its 19th year.

Why me?

Well, I have recently moved to the ‘client side’ of the shared services world, having been on the ‘provider side’ for the duration of my 29 year career. Hence having envisioned, strategised, opined, created, consulted, solutioned, negotiated, sold, transitioned, established, operated, automated, robotisised, transformed, governed……and having made many mistakes, Hannah believed that I may have some unique, and perhaps some rather provocative, views on our industry!

More importantly, I am now in the ‘hot-seat’ and am accountable for BT’s global shared services organisation (Group Business Services), and am really looking forward to a collaborative, interactive and engaging event.

I'm bringing my team along to come together with fellow practitioners and industry leaders, as I believe it's events like SSOW which present a unique opportunity for us to consider, discuss, debate and learn from each other. What is GBS? What are the latest trends? What’s working and what isn’t? How are we dealing with the talent and careers challenge? Is automation and RPA really delivering? What about process ownership models? Governance and making change happen? Do shared services need to reinvent itself? Is finance transformation ‘old-hat’? Will HR ever transform?

And many, many more questions and challenges for us all to get stuck into.

I am really looking forward to welcoming you to the event and facilitating a healthy and engaging conversation. I do hope you will be able to join me.

Best regards

Sandy Khanna

Managing Director – Group Business Services