Site Tours

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Full day site tours include a tour of THREE ‘Best in Class’ Shared and Business Service Centres, transport between the venues plus a networking lunch.

Site tours range from 1.5-2.5 hours at each site and include:

  • Corporate Presentation
  • Shared Service Presentation
  • Challenges and Q&A
  • Walking tour of the operating premises
  • Refreshment (for great networking opportunities)

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand the operational ins and outs of running a ‘best in class’ Shared Services Centre
  • A first-hand look at how companies operating in this space use innovative methods to create company culture,
  • attracting and retaining millennial staff
  • Acquire first-hand knowledge by speaking to those who head up the operational SSCs
  • Share your thoughts and questions about the technological solutions and their practical ROI
  • Network with SSC professionals from across Europe in a more relaxed setting following the conference

You will be visiting:
Grünenthal Financial Services: The Role of Company Culture in the Success of an Organisation

Grünenthal is a multinational pharmaceutical company, specialized in the area of pain and women health, with affiliates in Europe, Latin America and United States of America, as well as a commercial presence in more than 155 countries.

In 2016, the group decided to centralize its accounting and financial operations. Taking into account the relative weight of the group’s business in both Europe and Latin America besides Germany, Portugal was the chosen destination since it served in perfection the role of bridge, linking the operations in Europe to the other side of the Atlantic, both in cultural and linguistic terms.

Grünenthal Financial Services, and its sister company in Portugal, were awarded, by the Great Place to Work Institute, as one of the 25 Best Places to Work, in Portugal in 2018.

As part of the tour, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn more about the engagement initiatives in place that make us one of the 25 Best Places to Work, in Portugal in 2018.
  • Hear firsthand insights from our employees about the company culture of Workiness.
  • Experience our vibrant workplace.

You will be visiting:
Santander Global Operations – Agile, Collaborative Service, and Continuous Efficiency

Santander Global Operations is a company within the Santander Group that manages all operations conducted by its Banks and Financial Institutions.

In December 2012 SGO decided to launch the Data Quality Global Center in Portugal, providing Global Reconciliation Services across all the financial products and Global Data Analysis directly from Portugal. We work as an extension of our mother DQGC area in Madrid, working side-by-side, despite the 632km distance between both sites. We are continuously sharing best practices and creating inventive ecosystems, to drive excellence in relation to our customers in Portugal, Spain, Brasil, USA and UK.

As part of the tour, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Witness first-hand the experience of a multicultural environment in a Corporate Area, providing Global Services on a daily basis;
  • Learn more about our Methods: Agile, Customer Experience and Continuous Efficiency;
  • Experience our workplace atmosphere.

You will be visiting:
Sonae Shared Services Centre

Sonae is a multinational company managing a diversified portfolio of businesses in retail, shopping centres, telecommunications, financial services and information technology, having reached a turnover of 5.5 billion euros by the end of 2017. Present in about 90 countries and with over 45 thousand employees, Sonae has the mission to “create long-term economic and social value, taking the benefits of progress and innovation toan ever-increasing number of people”. It is a group with solid roots and a constant drive towards progress,with a distinctive way to be in life and inbusiness, in any sector or geographic area. Sonae values are a legacy for the future and each day is seen as a fresh new beginning for new opportunities, new challenges and new triumphs. For all its businesses, Sonae has different SSC`s located mainly in Porto and Lisbon.

As part of the tour, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Visit one of the Sonae`s Shared Services Centres – Sonae Sierra.
  • know a little bit about Sonae Group and how their Shared Services Centres are organized.
  • To experience our workspace environment and to know our people.
  • Visit the largest shopping centre in the Iberian Peninsula and also some of Sonae's store concepts.